Custom Winter Feeding

Sloughbottom Pastures provides custom winter feeding services for your cows or cow/calf pairs at competitive rates. Utilizing local feed sources and staying flexible with feed options keeps our feed costs down.

In the past we have taken advantage of opportunities such as corn stover grazing, carryover grass, cull potatoes, and straw supplemented with lentil screenings. We have also made silage from a neighbour's barley cover crop, bale grazed with slough hays, and done swath grazing with barley/pea greenfeed.

 The cattle are not in corrals for the winter and do not eat out of bunks or hay feeders. All feed is put out on the ground to utilize the ideal head position of grazing, and to ensure a clean environment for their overall health and hoof integrity. For our swath or corn grazing situations, cattle graze in small paddocks and are moved frequently to utilize the feed efficiently.

 Feed rations are developed with the Cowbytes program to ensure a balanced nutrient profile. We excel at feeding smaller frame cattle and focusing on a grain-free ration. Being flexible is an important part of winter feeding, as the weather can cause significant challenges that cannot be predicted. Kalevi takes it as a personal challenge to develop an excellent feed ration while taking advantage of local opportunities.

 Our past customers are our best advertising. References are available!

Since there are so many variables, the price for winter feeding must be discussed with each customer. If you are interested, please email Kalevi at sloughbottom@ or call 306-867-4548 to discuss options for your cow herd.