Sloughbottom Pastures is a family ranch in Outlook, Saskatchewan. We raise beef using pasture in the summer and forage-based diets in the winter. We holistically manage our cattle in a way that focuses on animal health, meat quality, and soil restoration. Planned grazing improves soil and grass biodiversity and makes our ranch self-sustainable rather than relying on commercial fertilizers and weed control.

We use horses and people on foot to move our animals as much as possible, reducing the amount we use vehicles around the animals. We practice low-stress animal handling and they enjoy a relaxed life on our ranch.

We believe raising animals in this way produces excellent meat. Try it for yourself and taste the pasture-raised difference!


We hope you enjoy the website - we have lots of photos and stories to help you get to know us. In addition, we love having visitors and we welcome you to visit the ranch and see what we are up to.



Kalevi & Justine Lustig                                              (306) 856-3033


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