Sloughbottom Pastures is the culmination of our life-long dream of owning a ranch with cows and horses. As we learned more about the soil, we discovered we both had passion for using grazing to improve the quality of the earth under our feet.


We started farming together after we married in 2008, and we have since grown our family with two children.


Our goals included raising animals that are vigorous, healthy, and productive, but in a way that is both profitable and enjoyable. We didn’t want to start a tractor every day and babysit our cows.


Over the years, we have explored ideas around low-input ranching, and incorporated techniques such as bale grazing, swath grazing, rotational grazing, and pasture watering into our ranching systems. We are passionate about healthy soil, beneficial biodiversity, improvements in the water cycle, and interrupting the parasite cycle. We like to say we are actually "harvesting sunshine" - acknowledging that it is the sun and nature's cycles that give the plants and animals the energy to grow and thrive.


In 2014 we added to the family: laying hens, meat chickens, turkeys and pigs! We love these new adventures and learning opportunities. After 2 years raising meat poultry, in 2016 we decided that we would like to keep our focus on our beef - but we are happy for the experience of raising a wide variety of animals and enjoy talking about the solutions we found that work well in our area.



We are always finding ways to improve on what we are doing and have a never-ending “to-do” list of projects and new ideas. Growing our knowledge along with our cows, we are constantly researching concepts and welcome suggestions and advice from our friends, customers, and fellow ranchers.


Justine has a passion for sharing ranch life with others, so you are welcome to come for a farm tour and ask lots of questions! She also shares photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - check out our links!





Kalevi & Justine Lustig

Box 1565

Outlook, Saskatchewan

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